Southern Home & Kitchen's

Cooking Class Assistant Program


Want to meet new friends, eat wonderful food, work with noted chefs, attend elegant dinners with your spouse or friend, develop culinary skills, and build a volume of menus and recipes - all at no cost?  If your answer is YES, sign up to become a volunteer cooking class assistant at Southern Home & Kitchen!

Qualifications for Becoming an Assistant

·         Attend any cooking class offered at SoHo as a participant first

·         Be able to move around and be on feet assisting in the kitchen during a 3 hour period (with breaks, of course!)


What the Assistants Do

·         Set up the kitchen area and meet the chef before the class

·         Help the chef throughout the class with clean up and serving food

·         Pour drinks for cooking class guests throughout the class

·         Wash dishes throughout the class and at the end


Time Commitment

Roughly 3 hours (usually 5:30-8:30 pm)

Most of our classes are offered at 6 pm, though please double-check the schedule to know if the class you sign up for is different!  Plan on arriving 30 minutes before the class begins and staying 10-30 minutes after the class to help finish clean up.


What’s In It For You

·         Meet new people, including local chefs

·         Learn new kitchen and service skills

·         Receive copies of all recipes used during each class

·         Sample food made during each class

·         Receive a $100 gift certificate to SoHo after volunteering for 5 different cooking classes

If you would like to volunteer, please email or call Linda or Maggie (, 336.777.3660) with a list of 3 classes that you would like to assist.  We will assign you a class on a first-come, first-served basis.  You may sign up to assist another class after you complete one.



Thank you for your interest in our program, we look forward to cooking with you!